Kondapalli Dancing Doll | Paper Mache Dancing Doll Painted with Vegetable Colors / Iconic Dancing Doll of India/abomma/ gift for her

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With a smile across her lips and her gaze mesmerizing, the young maiden seductively sways her hips, embodying grace with every movement. The traditional Kondapalli artisans from Andhra Pradesh are masters of the creative process. The dancing doll, or 'Kondapalli Aatabomma' or 'Butta Bomma' as the locals call it, is a culmination of generations of tradition. Cycle after cycle, year after year, this dancing maiden has remained the most successful Kondapalli toy of all time.

What makes this toy so dear to the country is the artisan's approach to exploring freedom in color while keeping the aperture of focus quite limited. The dancing woman is the craftsman's only muse, his enchantress. He paints her visage and excels at it. The play of color gives this toy the appreciation it deserves. With natural and bold colors, this Indian woman is a longing attempt at remembering the beauty of classical dance.

The time and care that goes into detailing this toy a valuable addition to your home decor collection. With constant movement, the toy brings something original to the table, keeping the children quite as content as the more learned lovers of art. Due to the cultural symbolism of traditional dance, this toy fits perfectly in the Kondapalli Bommala Koluvu, a narrative ritual observed every January during Sankranti.

Art is the beautiful vitality that keeps the learners and masters of today from losing their minds and succumbing to the stress of keeping up with modern life. With a streak of creativity and an ounce of freedom, we see the artist explores her imagination, pure and stainless like a plain canvas.

The artisans of Kondapalli have been doing more than just that. Every passing moment, they reinvent the meaning of passion. Hastha Kalalu witnesses the many struggling families that have inherited this toymaking art from forefathers and fathers before them. That is why, with utmost sincerity, the humbling artisans of Kondapalli present this classic toy as a souvenir of hope and recognition.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Since each toy is handmade and unique, no two toys are perfectly identical. Colors may differ according to the product.

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