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Celebrate a Fresh Start with Ugadi Decorations and Ugadi Pachadi

Celebrate a Fresh Start with Ugadi Decorations and Ugadi Pachadi


Ugadi, a vibrant festival bursting with color and tradition, marks the beginning of the new year in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Goa. Celebrated on different dates based on the lunisolar calendar, Ugadi signifies new beginnings, fresh hopes, and a chance to wipe the slate clean.

A Celebration Steeped in Culture

Ugadi festivities are a beautiful blend of customs and rituals. Here's a glimpse into the heart of this joyous occasion:

  • Panchanga Sravanam: A priest recites the annual astrological forecast, outlining predictions for the year ahead.
  • Bevu Bella: A colorful display of neem leaves, mango leaves, and coconuts symbolizing prosperity and a bountiful harvest.


  • Ugadi Pachadi: A unique chutney made with jaggery, neem flowers, and lentils, representing the inevitable mix of sweet and bitter experiences in life. 

Embrace the Spirit with Ugadi Decorations

Bring the essence of Ugadi into your home with these decorative ideas:

  • Mango Leaves and Torans: String mango leaves, considered auspicious in India, across doorways or create vibrant torans (decorative danglers) using colorful cloth or mango leaves.

  • Rangoli Delights: Welcome prosperity with beautiful rangoli designs made using colored powders, rice flour, or pulses.

  • Ugadi Pachadi Centerpiece: Fill a brass or copper vessel with Ugadi Pachadi and surround it with fresh fruits and flowers for a symbolic centerpiece.

  • Vibrant Textiles: Drape your furniture or walls with colorful silk or cotton fabrics in traditional Indian motifs.

  • Brass Diyas and Lamps: Light the way for good fortune with traditional brass diyas or ornately designed lamps.

Ugadi Shopping at Hastha Kalalu

Looking to add a touch of India to your Ugadi celebrations? Look no further than Hastha Kalalu! We offer a wide range of beautiful Ugadi decor items, including:

  • Mango leaf garlands and torans
  • Rangoli in vibrant colors
  • Exquisite brass diyas and lamps
  • Traditional Indian textiles

Celebrate Ugadi with Hastha Kalalu and create a memorable new year for you and your loved ones!

Weave tradition into your Ugadi celebrations with these decorations and let the festivities commence!

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